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With Incredible Years Instructor Becky Kirk

Promoting Children's Emotional, Social, Academic and Problem Solving Skills


What is Incredible Years?

This evidence-based program was developed more than 25 years ago here in Washington and is utilized worldwide. It has been shown to increase attentive and positive parenting, decrease conflict, helps to support and promote parent’s involvement in their child’s education, and reduce behavior issues both at home and in school.


We provide parents information on trauma and its impact on brain development, as well as behaviors, and ways they can help their child utilize the skills they are learning in Taming the Dragons when faced with a challenging emotional situation.

Evidence-based Results

The Incredible Years program has been proven to be effective with children who are at risk, children with Autism, ADHD, Oppositional defiant disorder, and more. These families are facing very difficult situations looking for new ways to support their children and help reestablish or strengthen a bond with their child.


Additionally parents develop new skills to support their child’s academic, social and emotional growth, as well as learn how to set healthy boundaries and decrease incidences of misbehavior through the systems they put in place. Parent’s also learn the impact trauma has on brain development, behavior and how to utilize the skills their child learns in Taming the Dragons to help cope.


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