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Need some extra help this holiday season?

Over the years Safe Harbor Support Center has offered families across the Tri-Cities a helping hand during the holiday seasons. Once again, we will be offering Christmas Assistance. Please submit the application below for Christmas Assistance 2022.

ONE SUBMISSION per household.

DEADLINE to apply is November 18, 2022.

Christmas Assistance Application

APPLICATION PROCESS: Applicants must meet all criteria that is outlined below. Qualifying applicants will be entered into a lottery system and chosen at random.
The deadline to apply is November 18. 2022. Once submitted, you will receive a confirmation email within 24-48 hours verifying that your Christmas Assistance was received. Families who have qualified and have been accepted will be sent an additional email stating your Date and Pick Up time, by December 16, 2022. Birth certificates/guardianship paperwork is REQUIRED to submit with each child on the application. We will not process your application otherwise. 

Are you currently employed? (answer yes for part or full time employment)
Is any OTHER member of your household employed?
Are you or any other member of the household currently on unemployment?
Are you or any member of the household currently receiving disability?
Total GROSS income of ALL members in the household
Do you or any member of the household receive: (check all that apply)


We require the submission of a valid State ID as well as CURRENT proof of address. We reserve the right to deny any application that violates our "one person per household" rule.

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