Christmas Giving Day

This year, because of the amazing support and generosity of our community members, we are able host our first ever Christmas Giving Day! This Christmas Giving Day is for those families who were unable to register in time for our Christmas Assistance Program

ALL SLOTS ARE FILLED.  No more applications are being accepted at this time.

Christmas Giving Day Appointment Request

REQUEST PROCESS:  Qualifying applicants will receive a phone call within one hour. You MUST give a valid phone number below for staff to call you and to reserve your "shopping" time.  Please do not call our staff, approved applicants will be contacted by us.  All time slots are first come, first serve, so please be ready for your phone call.  Once appointments are filled, we will not be opening additional slots.


Birth certificates/guardianship paperwork is REQUIRED to submit with each child on the application. Please have documentation readily available.  We will not process your request otherwise.

Are you currently employed? (answer yes for part or full time employment)
Is any OTHER member of your household emlpoyed?
Are you or any other member of the household currently on unemployment?
Are you or any member of the household currently receiving disability?
Total GROSS income of ALL members in the household
Do yu or any member of he household receive: (check all that apply)


We require the submission of a valid State ID as well as CURRENT proof of address.  We reserve the right to deny any application that violates our "one person per household" rule.

Picture of Driver's License or valid ID
Proof of address (utility bill, car registration, etc)