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Parents for Parents program connect parents who have successfully navigated the child welfare system to parents who have recently become engaged with Child Protective Services.

Our goal is to provide early outreach, education and support to parents who have entered the dependency system so they can be reconnected to their children. We also provide parent allies with leadership and gateway employment opportunities as they provide support, knowledge and mentoring to parents new to the system.

We believe in supporting children and families who have entered the child welfare system so they can fully realize their potential.

Our Parent Ally:

Krista Ironbear has successfully regained custody of her three children, after they were removed from her home by the state. She successfully completed various programs recommended through CPS.  Some of which include: Women’s Empowerment, Incredible Years and Trauma-Based Therapy.

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Parent Ally Support at Dependency Court Hearings

The first court hearing in a juvenile dependency case is called the 72-Hour Shelter Care Hearing. At this hearing, a judge or commissioner decides whether it is safe for the child to remain in the home or whether the child should be placed in out-of-home care. The focus of the hearing is to protect the child and offer ways for the parent to address the issues that led to the state’s involvement.  The Parents for Parents Program focuses on providing support and information at this hearing in particular as well as subsequent hearings.

Parents typically come to the Shelter Care Hearing feeling scared, confused, angry, and alone. A Parent Ally meets with parents before they go into court and helps them understand that others have been through this process, reminding them that this process is doable and reunification is possible. This in turn encourages parents to engage in the dependency process and work with the professionals. The Parent Ally also gathers contact information from the parent, signs him or her up for the Dependency 101 class, and provides any resources that can benefit them in their dependency case.

Dependency 101


Dependency 101 is a two-hour session designed to educate parents about the dependency system and help parents learn to navigate it. Parent Allies and system stakeholders collaborate in presenting the information. During the class, parents:

  • Receive a packet with information on the dependency process, a calendar to track appointments, a list of important phone numbers, a list of current community resources, and other tools to assist them;

  • Watch an educational video about the dependency process;

  • Listen to Parent Allies share their experience with the dependency system; and

  • Hear a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA), an Assistant Attorney General, a Social Worker, and a Parent’s Attorney discuss their roles in the dependency process and how they interact with parents, children, and the court. *dependent on their availability


Dependency 101 Classes are held:

  • Every 3rd Wednesday of the month

  • 11:00am-1:00pm

  • Pre-registration is appreciated

Next Dependency 101: TBD

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